Enthüllte Liebe: Simeon Solomon und die Präraffaeliten

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Love Revealed: Simeon Solomon And the Pre-raphaelites: Brochure
Publisher: Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery
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This exhibition guide coincides with the exhibition Love Revealed: Simeon Solomon and the Pre-Raphaelites, allowing a chronological and thematic examination of Solomon's life and art. Simeon Solomon was an extraordinary outsider of Victorian art who was hailed as a genius in his own lifetime, yet died poor in 1905. This major international exhibition organised by Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery in 2006 was the first full-scale survey of his work in the 100 years since his death. His varied and dramatic career is shown in detail — from early drawings inspired by his Jewish heritage through to the late, mystical works which brought a unique vision to Victorian art and influenced the development of symbolism both in Britain and in Europe.