Zweideutige Realitäten von Dorothy Bohm

Ambiguous Realities by Dorothy Bohm: Catalogue
Publisher: Ben Uri Gallery and Museum
ISBN-13: 978-0900157103
£ 5.00

This exhibition catalogue offers a delightful retrospective of photographer Dorothy Bohm's talent. There are 25 full-page colour pictures coloured reproductions of the artist's work depicting witty street art, the play of shadows on buildings, and other beautiful moments like the upside-down reflection of a church tower in a puddle. Throughout her 70-year career, Bohm has remained pure in her approach to the photographic medium, reluctant to manipulate images in any way. She believed that a photograph should capture the moment. The publication contains a personal introduction and an essay by Monica Bohm-Duchen (Dorothy Bohm's daughter), who is an art historian and the exhibition's curator.