Ein Sturm in Europa

A Storm in Europe: Catalogue
Publisher: Ben Uri Gallery and Museum
ISBN-13: 978-0900157028
£ 15.00

This catalogue focuses on Hungarian-Jewish artists Béla Kádár and Hugó Scheiber, celebrated as pioneering artists of the European avant-garde. It contains a mixture of colour reproductions and black-and-white reproductions.


The catalogue includes early works shown at solo shows at the now-legendary Der Sturm gallery during the 1920s. Continuing Ben Uri’s collaboration with other museums and galleries in Europe, the exhibition was curated by Mariann Gergely, Chief Curator of the Hungarian National Gallery in Budapest, who is an expert on Béla Kádár, and was produced in collaboration between Ben Uri and the Hungarian Cultural Centre in London, as part of the exhibition “Magyar Magic: Hungary in Focus” (2003 – 2004).